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Why Use Carsten Plumbing?

You may have used some of the bigger “rooter” companies in the past and noticed one or more of these things:

  • Difficulty reaching an actual plumber or technician on the phone.
  • Unexplained pricing.
  • Technician who can’t explain the problem in clear, concise terms.

When you call Carsten Plumbing & Rooter, you may ask to speak to the plumber, the person who will fix or replace fixtures, or unclog your drain.

All prices are quoted up front before work begins.

Carsten Plumbing employs Licensed plumbers and trained drain service technicians, not unlicensed persons with limited experience.

Carsten Plumbing’s prices are fair and affordable. We charge as much as 35% less than some of the big Rooter companies!  This is not a misquote, but just a plain fact. Chris Carsten, owner-operator of Carsten Plumbing & Rooter inc., originally worked for some of the largest plumbing companies in the region, and he knows plumbing prices. Don’t pay more than you have to.

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